Secret 7″

Secret 7″ is a London-based art event, that invites artists all over the world to create record-sleeves for a selection of 7 famous tunes. The chosen sleeves were exhibited anonymously at Now Gallery and later auctioned online for a good cause.

Since 2012 Secret 7″ has been a staple in the creative world with hundreds of thousands of pounds being raised for charity as well as managing to have artists like David Shrigley, Jenny Holzer and Peter Blake (and now GABE 🙂) contributing artwork.

In its final edition, Secret 7″ asked the artists to create sleeve designs for songs of Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Koffee, the Internet, Vampire Weekend, Foo Fighters and Miles Davis.

Artwork for Bob Dylan’s song »Blind Willie McTell«

Artwork for Aretha Franklin’s song »One Step Ahead«

Artwork for Koffee’s song »Toast«

Pretty close to the deadline of Secret 7″ I was swamped with agency work and therefore hadn’t thought about joining at all. A while later I realized how burned out I was with my current work situation and decided to take a break (which became a forced “Lockdown” break just a few days later).

After my decision was made and communicated with clients I immediately felt inspired and energized again.

I created artworks for all seven songs within two days and couldn’t be happier about three of them, making it into the exhibition.

»By the end of this show, we’ll have made 4,900 one-of-a-kind records for 49 different tracks, and we’ll have raised over £250,000 for good causes.

Most importantly, we’ve celebrated the power of art and music, and seen the impact they can have on people’s lives.«

Kevin King (Co-Founder)

Currently available

Exhibition Art Posters
  • »SECRET 7″ – 2« ART POSTER

    65,00  Tax Free* / plus Shipping
  • »SECRET 7″ – 3« ART POSTER

    65,00  Tax Free* / plus Shipping
  • »SECRET 7″ – 1« ART POSTER

    65,00  Tax Free* / plus Shipping

    65,00  Tax Free* / plus Shipping


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